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    Martin Lumber & Mulch, LLC is proud to offer mulch services and lumber services. We sell a wide variety of lumber and mulch types, including quality oak lumber.
    Visit us for mulch wholesale, ideal for large plots of land with extensive gardens. Playground mulch is a great selection for any open space, and is ideal for well-drained land. Hardwood mulch is a popular choice for gardens.
    Other gardens or plots of land might benefit from bark mulch, which decays slower and looks decorative. Our Saturday hours are by appointment only. Call (252) 943-7276 for a lumber and mulch supplier with plenty of variety!
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Lumber Services

Our Pantego, NC lumber services offer a variety of wood types, with many types of lumber suitable for different projects. Visit today for construction projects and home improvement efforts.

Mulch wholesale
Mulch Wholesale

Mulch wholesale purchasing can save you money and improve your gardens. Mulch is an important part of keeping your garden happy, and if you own a large plot of land, wholesale mulching is a great choice for you. Martin Lumber & Mulch, LLC is an excellent mulch wholesaler in Pantego, NC.

Bark mulch
Bark Mulch

Bark mulch is a great, natural mulch option. It's made from organic material, making it environmentally friendly and good for your plants. It enriches soil and also prevents it from being compacted over time. It also keeps weeds from growing in the mulched areas, since it strangles them before they can grow. Call (252) 943-7276 today to learn more about mulching.

Mulch hauling
Mulch Supplier

Any serious gardener recognizes the importance of mulch to help your plants grow successfully. As the mulch decomposes, it adds nutrients to the soil. It also traps moisture in the soil, keeping your plants hydrated. Martin Lumber & Mulch, LLC is a reliable much supplier for residential and commerical gardeners.


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